What We Offer

  • Guidance in developing an education ministry strategy that reflects and supports your unique calling, mission, values, and community
  • Coaching as you and your leadership team implement that strategy through launching a new ministry or refining an existing one
  • Guidance in recruiting and training a leadership team so that the weight of the ministry does not land on the shoulders of the senior pastor or elder board
  • Comprehensive training for leaders and teachers
  • Continued support and coaching

We will design an approach that will fit your situation. You may need to create a new ministry or rework an existing one from the ground up. We can do that. Perhaps you have hit a road block with an existing ministry and need some help finding a way around it. We can do that too. Contact us and we will be glad to discuss the options available.

Elements in a Full Consultation

(Note: we will coach the church through each step. Growthclass.org will be responsible for those steps marked with *)

  • *Present the Consultation Plan to Leadership
  • Pray about whether a consultation with growthclass.org is the best plan to accomplish the church’s goals
  • Agree to the terms of a contract and sign
  • *Meet with senior pastor and church leadership team to hear their heart for ministry and learn what they desire
  • *Interview (or survey) pastors, elders, leaders, and congregation to determine felt needs
  • *Data and recommendations presented to pastors and church leadership
  • Pastors and church leadership use the collected data to determine overall objective
  • Pastors and church leadership communicate the vision to the congregation
  • Recruit the Ministry Leadership Team.  This team will have responsibility for:
    • Keeping the congregation involved in the process
    • Deciding the details of the new (or renewed) ministry
    • Recruiting teachers and leaders
    • Deciding who and how the ministry will be administrated
    • Continuing the ministry into the future through oversight and evaluation
    • Planning the launch of the new (or renewed) ministry
  • Design curriculum
  • Recruit teachers and other leaders
  • *Train teachers and leaders
  • Plan launch of the new (or renewed) ministry
  • Launch
  • *Coach and support leaders, Ministry Leadership Team, and Ministry Administrator throughout the process and for one month following the launch (a longer time can be arranged)

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Interim Program Administration

Sometimes an education pastor leaves and a church needs an interim pastor to administrate the education ministry while the search for a new pastor is being carried out. We are in a perfect position to take care of that for you. Please contact us and we can discuss the possiblities.

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